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College Life

Our commitment to ministry of the word is not just notional. It shapes our life together. This means that as we seek to prepare people for ministry of the word, we ourselves will gather around the word together regularly and in a variety of ways. We will hear from God’s word together regularly as a college community, in small groups, and one-to-one. Together we will learn from God and mutually edify each other through study, reflection, and involvement in ministry together.

We do not just want you to know the Scriptures well. We want you to know God better and to develop lifelong relationships with others who have a similar gospel mindset. This means that our life in college will not simply be an academic one. It will be one which fosters thoughtful, enduring and committed relationships that are centred on prayer, hearing God’s word together, and learning to love each other even as God has loved us in Christ. One of the great advantages of a smaller college is access to faculty. The faculty at ETCAsia have been chosen not only because of their academic ability but also because of their extended experience in pastoral and word of God ministry. We hope that you will make use of your access to faculty so that together we might develop as Bible formed shepherds of God’s people.

Degrees and Accreditation

Degrees Offered

Although the intention of the college is to eventually offer a full suite of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees (and certainly aim for our degrees to open the door for further study), we will initially offer the following four diplomas/degrees.

  • Diploma of Ministry (DipMin): A one year undergraduate diploma.
  • Bachelor of Theology (BTh): A three year undergraduate degree.
  • Graduate Diploma of Ministry (GradDipMin): A one year graduate diploma.
  • Master of Divinity (MDiv): A graduate degree for those with previous undergraduate qualifications. This is our core degree.

The DipMin and the GradDipMin equate to the first year of the BTh and MDiv respectively (with some elective subjects allowed from later years) and may be completed part time or as evening courses. However, the BTh and MDiv can only be completed full time (although some elements can be done part time).


ETCAsia has applied for membership with the Asia Theological Association, which is the standard accrediting body for many colleges in Asia, and is pursuing accreditation with them. The process of application can take three or more years but it is expected that it will be finalised by the time our first students graduate from fulltime degree courses.

Important Dates

Lectures are generally only held on Monday to Thursday during semesters. Where there are public holidays, lectures will be rescheduled. The Greek intensive is obligatory for all first year students except undergraduate diploma students. Greek intensives occur in the mornings over the three weeks before the start of semester at the beginning of the academic year. Provisionally, the dates for the academic year 2018/2019 are as follows.

  • Monday 22 January to Thursday 17 May 2018: Second Semester, academic year 2017/18
  • Monday 25 June 2018 to Thursday 6 December: First Semester, academic year 2018/19

There are week long breaks in each semester. Where possible, these breaks will timed to coincided with school vacation breaks. The following special lectures and series have been scheduled for the 2017/18 academic year (there may be others that will be added):

  • Monday 5 to Sunday 11 February 2018: Ministry and Mission week with guest lecturer Philip Percival and Emu Music.
  • The week of 12 March 2018 will contain an assessable introdutory unit on Biblical Theology with Donald Carson. It will also contain the formal launch of ETCAsia.

Course Outlines and Fees

The course outlines for our degree look similar to any standard theological degree offered in a variety of places around the world and in Singapore. However, the course content will differ significantly as we seek to integrate ministry of the word into all aspects of each subject area. It is in this area in particular that ETCAsia will seek to be distinctive in its preparation of men and women for effective, Christ-centred, word-driven gospel ministry.

The following should be noted about the outlines…

  • We are still finalising some of the details of course outlines and so there may be some minor changes before the 2017/18 academic year begins.
  • The ‘Ministry and Mission’ units include such things as: The Pastoral Epistles, Biblical Counselling, Evangelism, Mission, Music and Worship, Church Planting, and a variety of other subjects.

Course outlines, fees per subject and degree are also available on request. You can use the contact details below to request them.

Applying to Study at ETCAsia

The college is committed to training people for ministry of the word in God’s church. Such people need to be godly and suitably gifted. Therefore studying at the college is not merely an academic exercise and so the process for assessing applicants is necessarily somewhat different from other educational institutions. The process for application is as follows… First, a prospective student would contact the college seeking an initial interview (this can be done via the link below or using the contact form on the first page of the website). The interview will usually be with the Principal. Second, the Principal will then convey the results of the interview to the prospective student (usually in writing). Third, if the Principal offers a provisional place to the prospective student then he will ask them to fill in a form (usually online). This will include asking for referees (e.g. character, ministry, pastoral, and work references if applicable). Fourth, subsequent to receiving this form filled in and checking references, the Principal will let the applicant know whether their place at the college is confirmed. Applications are still open (we have extended application dates until the end of May should you need). If you wish to request an interview with the Principal to begin the process of application, please go to https://tinyurl.com/applyETCAsia and fill in the form supplied. The closing day was 12 May but this has been extended until the end of May should you wish to still apply.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Study at ETCAsia

Among the frequently asked questions asked about study at ETCAsia are the following… Q: What courses, if any, are offered part time or the evening? A: All the diplomas/degrees that we presently offer can be completed part time as well as full time. While we will offer the core subjects in the evening on a rotating basis (probably between 7 and 9:30pm on a weeknight evening), completion of elective subjects will probably need to be done during the day or at another institution. Q: What are the ‘core subjects’? A: Old Testament I and II; New Testament I and II; Introduction to Theological Study and Pastoral Ministry; Introduction to Biblical Theology; Foundations of Systematic Theology; Principles of Interpretation (and for the MDiv, Greek 1A and B). Q: Will you offer cross-accreditation from other institutions? A: Generally, on key subjects this should be feasible. However, this will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If you have other questions, feel free to use our contact form on the front page of the website, or email info@etcasia.edu.sg.

Contact Us

We are here to answer any questions you might have about ETCAsia. Please contact us using the information below or fill in the contact form below and we’ll do whatever we can to help.


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