Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about ETCAsia


Why another theological college in Singapore?

If this century is indeed the Asian century then Christians need to be well equipped and trained to declare Christian faith clearly and to train Christian leaders for that century. To do this well we probably need more rather than less training colleges. We also think that ETCAsia adds something distinctive to the existing options available.

What degrees will be offered at ETCAsia?

Although our intention is to offer the whole spectrum of theological degrees, including postgraduate degrees, we will begin with two diplomas and two degrees.

The undergraduate courses will consist of a one year Diploma of Christian Ministry (which can be taken part time) and a three year fulltime Bachelor of Theology.

The graduate courses will consist of a one year Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry (which can be taken part time) and a three year fulltime Master of Divinity. Enrollment in either of these courses requires a recognised previous degree in any discipline.

The college has applied for membership of the Asia Theological Association and will seek to have its degrees accredited through this association.

When will the college start?

Starting a new theological college is a task that needs much planning and much prayer. ETCAsia has been in the planning for a number of years but it was only in August 2016 that the board were able to formally appoint the first principal, Rev Dr Andrew Reid. Andrew has been working alongside the board in planning for the college and in gathering further faculty.

The official start date for the college is subject to the relevant government authorities. However, our hope is that the first students might start study on 31 July 2017. Otherwise, our first students will start in January 2018.

What faculty have been appointed and what others will there be when the college starts?

We have already appointed two fulltime faculty members (Andrew Reid: Old Testament, Hermeneutics, and Preaching; Rohintan Mody: New Testament).

Our intention to announce the appointment of a theology faculty member soon.

Additionally, we have access to other lecturers with advanced degrees (or currently studying for advanced degrees) in New Testament, Old Testament, and Church History. A number of other well-known evangelical scholars and leaders have expressed a willingness to visit the college to do intensives. More details are available here.

Will there be part time and evening options?

The college will continue its links with some key organisations such as Project Timothy and others who provide ministry training that is sympathetic to our own goals and ethos.

In addition, we have already begun evening courses that are not degree-related (but that may turn into certificate courses). We are also exploring the possibility of providing further part time and evening courses and even refresher courses for those already in pastoral and preaching ministries.


Costs for undergraduate subjects with be S$250 for a half unit and $500 for a full unit.

Costs for graduate subjects will be $300 for a half unit and $600 for a full unit.

There is also an additional student fee of $350 for all fulltime enrolled students (the part time fee is still to be set).

Is ETCAsia aligned with any particular church or denomination?

ETCAsia is not formally aligned with any single church or denomination. Our board consists of people from established denominations such as Anglican, Baptist, Brethren, and Presbyterian, as well as independent churches.

We are united not by denominational or church background but by our evangelical and reformed theological commitments and the sort of distinctives outlined on the front page of our website.

How can I help?


Over the past few years there have been a small group of people thinking, planning and, of course, praying. We have already seen many signs of God’s generous provision and providential care. If you would like to be regularly sent prayer points for the college or to receive the Principal’s prayer letter, then please let us know by sending an email to info@etcasia.edu.sg. We would greatly appreciate your diligent prayer for the college.


A new college has relatively meagre resources and many tasks that need doing, such as stacking library shelves and cataloguing books, helping with administration, and so on. Again, if you think that there may be a way in which you might be of help to the college, please contact us on info@etcasia.edu.sg.


Setting up a college has many costs (premises, faculty salaries, setup costs, book and other library acquisitions, and the like). These costs have been borne by generous donors from a relatively small group of churches. If you would like to help further, please contact us at info@etcasia.edu.sg or use the contact form on the front page of the website.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write to us at info@etcasia.edu.sg