Evening Course: Revelation | Apr 2020

Revelation: Blueprint for the Future?

by Rev. Dr. Ro Mody

The Book of Revelation is one of the most amazing books ever written. It raises many questions about the future of the world, the identity of the antichrist, the millennium, the coming of Christ, and heaven and hell. This course is in two parts and will enable us to interpret and apply Revelation correctly.

1st Evening: Visions of Deeper Conflict: Cosmic War (Revelation 12-16)

2nd Evening: Looking forward to the Final Judgement (Revelation 17-19:10)

3rd Evening: From the Old to the New Cosmos (Revelation 19:11-22)

Course Content

Lecture (1 of 3) | 1h 22m

Lecture (2 of 3) | 1h 3m

Lecture (3 of 3) | 1h 31m

Certificate of Ministry

ETCA is offering a Certificate of Ministry to all those who attend the evening lectures course. The Certificate is aimed at all Christians in Singapore who want to get to know God better in their own lives and to equip those who serve in various ministry positions in churches in a volunteer capacity with a biblical and theological foundation with relevance for church life.

Requirement & Assessment:

  1. Attendance at any 4 of the Evening Courses to be chosen from the courses offered by ETCAsia.
  2. 4 essays in total related to attendance and the subject of the 4 courses attended by the student. One essay of 450-550 words per course to be chosen from questions set by the lecturer at the course attended by the student, making a total of 4 essays over the period.
  3. Essay to be written at home by the student, using the lecture notes and bible.
  4. Essay to be emailed to the lecturer by a date to be set by the lecturer (usually one month after the last evening of the lecture.)
  5. The lecturer will mark and return the essay to the student with feedback and a mark (Credit, Pass, or Fail) one month after the deadline for submission.
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